Investing in PROSCO offers opportunities and benefits!
Investing in PROSCO offers opportunities and benefits!
29 june 2023
In today's world, investing is becoming one of the fastest ways for many people to raise capital. However choosing the right company to invest in can be difficult. One of the factors influencing the decision is a company's reliability. PROSCO is a proven, reliable company, which is evidenced by stable growth of revenue and an increase in new clients, despite market turbulence.

According to the "AvtoTransInfo" analytical portal, PROSCO is one of the top 150 forwarders in Russia among more than 30,000 companies, as well as one of the top 30 in St Petersburg, with its own trade mark, vehicles, highly qualified and responsible staff with expertise in the international carriage of dangerous and special goods.

Our company participates in international exhibitions to find new development vectors, to establish partnerships. We will be glad to meet our permanent and new partners at "Innoprom" trade fair in Ekaterinburg, booth 2S16, which will be held on July 10-13, 2023.

In order to implement our development programme, which includes the purchase of new leasing equipment and the sale of franchises in a hundred large Russian cities during the current year, we decided to raise private capital to finance the projects. We explored various financing programmes and settled on promissory note investment, which is most beneficial to us and our investors, as this model is simple, transparent and individualised.

The procedure is as follows. Investors purchase promissory notes from PROSCO. A promissory note is a security that certifies a financial obligation to the investor to repay the invested amount within a certain period of time with interest income, which is also paid out at the end of the term of the promissory note. The promissory note sets the term and amount of funding comfortable for the investor.

Participation in the co-financing of company projects will enable our investors to receive a stable income, and the company itself to develop its own projects and improve cargo delivery services.

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