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Air freight

Delivery within the shortest possible time, affordable rates, complete safety

We deliver cargoes by air within time periods starting from 1 day, the cost of delivery depends on the chosen destination. Air transportation is the quickest and safest way of high-value cargo delivery all over the globe and often makes it possible to receive the cargo on the same day irrespective of the country of dispatch. It allows quick and safe intercontinental delivery both of small high-value parcels and of oversize, perishable, and hazardous cargoes.

PROSCO has made air delivery an available type of transportation due to its partnership with airline companies, competent logistics, and proper manner of shipment formation. We secure 100% legitimacy, guarantee and safety of Your cargo transportation by air.

Nowadays the service of air delivery is available not only to large corporations but also to small and medium-sized businesses. If your cargo has small dimensions and its weight is less than 80 kg, the most convenient way of delivery will be shipping it as a part of a consolidated cargo. This will make it possible to reduce the prime cost of delivery and to save your money. If you want to order air delivery of an oversize cargo, PROSCO will organize a charter or cargo flight. A cargo is considered oversize if its weight exceeds 80 kg and its dimensions exceed the cargo hatch dimensions.

Why do clients choose PROSCO?

Our service is based on meeting your needs and being of benefit to your business:
- quick issuance of documents
- fast delivery
- a broad tariff scale
- reliable and safe transportation of cargoes
- drawing up a logistics plan
- possibility of combined delivery by air & land
- assistance in obtaining permitting documents and filling in customs declarations
- working with reliable airline operators who are our partners
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