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Customs clearance

Customs clearance

The geographical spread of customs clearance includes the checkpoints of the North Western Customs Administration, the Ural, Siberian, Central, South, and Far East CAs. We are ready for releasing the goods in a short time, submit pre-declarations and clear the cargoes through customs on a same day basis

How does cargo execution take place?

Prior to the arrival of the goods at the temporary storage warehouse area, we check the documentation package, give recommendations on product labeling in accordance with the technical regulations requirements on the product both certification & licensing and check the contract for compliance with INCOTERMS 2018. All cargoes are executed in accordance with the actual legislation.

For quick customs clearance, the following documents are required (import):
International sale and purchase agreement
Bill of lading, СMR, air waybill
Transaction certificate
Freight bill
Payment for the cargo if specified in the contract
Technical description of the product
Cargo transportation agreement
Invoice and its translation
Export declaration and its translation
Packing list and its translation
Certificate of insurance if applicable
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