Financial logistics

Financial logistics

Our company offers services for foreign currency transfers abroad from Russia to pay for goods or services from foreign counterparties.

We can help with the transfer of payments in USD, EUR and CNY to various countries, including China, European countries, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, UAE and others.

We cooperate with reliable banks such as DBS HK in Hong Kong and ZHEJIANG CHOUZHOU COMMERCIAL BANK in China, which enable us to make fast and secure transfers.

We offer competitive rates for our customers:
From 2% of the transfer amount plus a flat fee of $50 for US dollar transfers, from 3,5% plus EUR50 for EUR transfer and from 3% plus $50 for RMB transfers.

To make a payment, our customer must submit an invoice for the goods or services to our foreign counterparty. Once the payment is verified and approved, we will arrange the funds transfer.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us for more details and to discuss terms of cooperation.

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