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Financial transactions

Financial transactions

Solutions for international payment for goods and services

PROSCO will assist You in avoiding financial losses and find optimal solution for transactions with your foreign partners. We will secure financial transactions safety:

- make you familiar with local regulations and business features
- help you carry out efficient business negotiations
- provide support at the stage of contract signing
- check the deal-making for compliance with INCOTERMS
- propose efficient instruments of financing and guarantee payment

Payment mechanisms for international transactions
Letter of credit
This is a safe type of settlement which is most often used for international transactions. Both participants are insured against a insecure transaction. The bank of buyer acts as a guarantor of the performance of the payment transaction and takes responsibility for paying money to the supplier and for transferring the goods and services to the buyer in accordance with the agreement. The deal-making is performed via the letter of credit which is an account opened with the bank that makes it possible to reserve the money until all the conditions of the contract are met.
Factoring is another reliable way of deal-making. It's usually used in case of deferment of payment condition. Current assets are recovered at the expense of the intermediary bank or the factoring company which acts as the third participant of transaction. The supplier receives money from an intermediary who receives the right to money claim to the buyer with quick reimbursement of the money. The bank or factoring company receive fee from the supplier and regulates any further money issues acting as a guarantor of the deal-making.
Export agencies protection
Export agencies protect the Russian exporters and their banks against the risk of the foreign buyer’s failure to make payments. Local exporter can choose insurance of individual contract or entire volume of contracts concluded with foreign supplier on a deferred-payment basis. In this case insurance agencies act as guarantors for the deal-making and insure Russian exporters against the business and political risks of the foreign buyers’ failure to fulfill their obligations. EXIAR is the largest Russian export insurance agency.
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