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Import purchases

Import purchases

We make import procurements easy and safe

PROSCO provides support to companies in the area of international exchange of goods, helps them find suppliers of goods in China, India, Southeast Asia, Europe and to take their business to the international level.

Why choose PROSCO?

We help our partners in reducing expenditure of money and time, minimize supply disruptions and rule out possibility of substandard products receiving as we:
- help you overcome language and cultural barrier
- provide legal support in the area of foreign trade at every stage
- organize continuous import in compliance with INCOTERMS
- exercise control over your goods manufacturing and procurement
- coordinate delivery to the customs and customs documentation execution
- take responsibility for transportation to your warehouse

PROSCO team can solve the following tasks on organizing import procurements:

- selecting import strategy;carrying out negotiations with foreign partners
- approval of experimental product prototypes
- complete production audit;signing contract with foreign partner
- shipping lots quality control
- goods customs value calculation in the client’s warehouse
- delivery documents execution;financial logistics

We have many years of expertise in organizing import of goods from various industries:

- construction industry: machines, materials, metal structures
- chemical industry: caustic, vinyl acetate, calcium hypochlorite, catalyst, transformer oil, polyvinyl alcohol
- food industry: confectionery products, honey, starch, gelatin
- consumer goods industry: textile fabrics, clothing, footwear, toys, production equipment
- hazardous cargoes: pyrotechnics, weapons, cartridges, gunpowder, capsules, explosive materials
- consumer goods: tableware, cosmetics, personal hygiene products and fast-moving consumer goods
- electronics: household appliances and production equipment, electronics, lighting equipment
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