Warehouse logistics and storage

We offer collection and storage of cargoes in rented warehouses located in Guangzhou, Yiwu, Hong Kong, Tallinn as well as in all locations of PROSCO presence using our partners’ warehouses. For example we use warehouse in Vladivostok to reload maritime containers with hazardous cargoes into covered rail cars for subsequent shipping to our clients. It lets us reduce the expenditures on paying the railway tariffs and optimize delivery time.

We also offer cargoes consolidation of different types and dimensions, warehouse processing as well as distribution to the final recipient. Our warehouse logistics services are usually used by clients representing the following industries: construction goods, IT and telecommunications, online trade, furniture, FMCG etc.

What does PROSCO warehouse logistics include?

Safe custody of goods;
Consignment warehouse services;
Labeling with EAC or PCT conformity marks;
The use of floor-mounted, storage rack, and fine-meshed storage systems;
All types of cross docking operations;
Proper control over reserves: stocks survey in accordance with your requirements;
Submitting reports in the form agreed upon;
Selection and completion by the pallet/by the piece, etc.

Your personal expert will exercise control over the execution of your orders at each stage of our cooperation. You'll be able to receive all necessary information in real time.

Our managers will be glad to share all the important and necessary information regarding this type of services