Consolidated Cargoes

Transportation of consolidated cargoes is an inexpensive and fast way of transportation. The main advantage of consolidated cargoes is that You have to pay but for Your individual package within the consolidated shipment, and not for the whole cargo transport. The efficient use of the cargo space distributed between several customers makes it possible to reduce the transportation cost, and consequently, the cost of the service for the client. Consolidated cargo delivery can be performed by any mode of transport and is in demand both for long-distance international transportation and for shorter distances of up to 1000 km. 

We deliver cargoes within Russia and all over the world, using different combinations of transport modes. This makes it possible to deliver different types of cargoes in a fast and cost-effective way within consolidated cargoes. We offer the following services on consolidated cargo transportation:

Order processing and delivery to the warehouse;
Preparing the cargo for shipping, which includes weighing, packaging, and labeling;
Forming batches with consideration for the nuances of the cargo for consolidated transportation;
Drawing up the required accompanying documentation;
Loading with consideration for the cargo peculiarities and transport mode;
Keeping track of cargo movement;
Distribution to addressees
Warehouse storage

The efficient and well-organized shipment of cargoes allows our clients enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Accelerated inventory turnover
  2. Cost-effective transportation of trial consignments and small cargo volumes
  3. Reduction in the number of intermediaries in the delivery chain


PROSCO will deliver the cargo to your warehouse or office. To calculate the cost for your goods, contact our expert and let us know the shipment characteristics: 

  1. Volume and weight
  2. Cargo type
  3. Transportation route
  4. Availability of insurance
  5. Special requirements to the transportation

Our managers will be glad to share all the important and necessary information regarding this type of services